Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Daemons from 5th to 6th pt1

I thought I would have a look at Chaos Daemons before the new book drops, will there be major changes? or will it be a small step?

Until now I haven't had the inclination to look closely at the changes between codices from one update to the next however since I am waiting with bated breath for Daemons I thought now would be a good time. This is just a brief look at my Daemons as they stand at the moment, in part 2 I will look in depth at what changes appear between the books in both rules and point costs.

To start with I had a look at my army, taking only fully painted models (bar a few bases that need finished) and working out the points cost without upgrades

The total for the above comes in at 2758 pts , I counted a Daemon Prince for each god and other than that everything was at base cost with no upgrades, I will work out the total in the new book and see what the total changes to.





My to do list for the Daemons is 2 Bloodcrushers , 30 Bloodletters , 1 Fiend , 9 Seekers , 3 Screamers and a Herald of Khorne not to mention any new purchases from the new lines, I'm going to be busy with these for a good while yet.

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