Friday, 15 February 2013

Mini Update 15-2-13

Just a small update on my hobby progress this week, I could and should have done more but what are you gonna do?

We want you......

Also I'm playing with the blog a bit so hopefully you click for the rest of the post (I have no idea what I'm doing)

I've been working away on my Death Guard, I finished my first squad having found enough backpacks in my bits box to do.

I built my first squad of finecast Plague Marines and they are a royal pain to put together, flash everywhere and warped parts a plenty, not fun. I'm gonna paint these up next.

The Daemons have been getting some love as well, I put together three bases of Nurglings a Great Unclean One and a few more Bloodletters, I'm just waiting on some washes to dry so I can finish them off.


Hopefully next week I can paint my finecast Marines, Nurgle Sorcerer and build my Nurgle Terminators and Tzeentch Screamers (£7 for a bnib of 3 on ebay = bargain)

The more I am reading on the Daemon rumours the more I am getting exited, on that note I managed to go through my army and do a few repair jobs as well :)


  1. Hi,
    Blarg is nice. I like the overall synergy in all you nurgle models. They look like they all have the same stage of decay but at the same time don't look bland. Use of the older nurgle models also is great, especially as with withered, diseased individuals the scale/style difference isn't a problem.

    1. Thanks very much :)

      I really like the older models , I'm hoping to find enough to do a second squad of them.