Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Death Guard List

I've been busy painting away at the Death Guard so I thought it about time I sat down and worked out a list and actually aim to paint exactly that (to start with), I'm aiming for fluffy but at least have a chance of winning now and again. Here goes nothing.

This is what I'm thinking



Sorcerer - Lv2 , MON , Blight Grenades , Sigil of Corruption 


Plague Zombies x30

Plague Zombies x30

Plague Marines x7 - meltagun , plasmagun , meltabomb , gift of mutation , icon of despair , veterans of the long war
Rhino - havoc launcher

Plague Marines x7 - Plasmagun , meltabomb , gift of mutation , power sword , veterans of the long war


Hellbrute - multimelta , power fist , heavy flamer

Terminators x5 - MON , veterans of the long war
                           dual lightning claws
                           power fist and combi-melta
                           power fist and combi-melta
                           chain fist and combi-flamer
                           power fist and heavy flamer

Fast Attack

Chaos Spawn x3 - MON

Heavy Support

Defiler - twin linked lascannon

This a rough idea of what I'm thinking, for the defiler I'm thinking of the Plague Hulk from forgeworld and for the spawn I'll use either normal spawn and Nurgle it up a bit or get some plague ogryns , I'm also gonna up the termies to 6 and run them with Typhus to make it up to 7.

So what would you change? How can I make the list better without losing the fluff? 


  1. I wouldn't take a t/l las on the defiler, you're going to want to shoot the battle cannon when you can, save the points and go for more spawn. I'd also consider another rhino, and possibly dropping some things to get a 3rd squad of plague marines. I don't think 3 spawn will last long on their own, they work best as a body guard or tie up unit, but you've got a big death star already so I'd focus more on a bit more scoring and utility. I'd also consider going without the defiler, its surprisingly bad for its cost.

    1. you are right about the lascannon, a third squad of plague marines does sound good I'm going to make another list up and see if I like it better.

  2. you could use aegis defence line with icarus lascannon

    list looks nice but you could use some anti aircraft

    1. Hmm a nurgle'd up defence line could be fun to make I think I'll give that a go.